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Who was Raimond Castaing?


Raimond Castaing (1921 – 1998) was an exceptional French scientist who played a pioneering role in quantitative microanalysis. He developed an analysis tool, Castaing’s microprobe, subsequently produced in hundreds of examples and sent to laboratories the world over.

It has become an essential analytical tool in all specialities of metallurgy and geoscience.

Raimond Castaing had a strong bond with the Midi-Pyrenees region, having studied in both Condom and Toulouse. Moreover, it is thanks to him that the Centre has equipment still in use today. This is why we decided, with his family’s approval, to honour him in a way that had not been done: giving his name to the Centre. For further details (in French) see his Wikipedia page, and the page (in English) describing the electron microprobe.

The section below is not yet complete. It presents photos of Raimond Castaing given to us by his family. We still have to add comments to the photos. Most were taken during his work at ONERA.