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Strategic Orientation Committee (COS)

The Castaing Centre has set up a Committee for Strategic Orientation that is representative of the founding structures and is composed as follows :

  • The Director of the Castaing Centre
  • A representative of the Region
  • A representative of the State (D2RT)
  • A representative of each of the participatory organisations (Université Toulouse III, CNRS, INSA, INP, Université Fédérale de Toulouse) named by the organisations themselves
  • The Directors of the founding units (CEMES, CIRIMAT, GET, LAAS, LAPLACE, LCC, LPCNO) or their representatives
  • Six scientific experts named conjointly by the directors of the laboratories, among the scientists specialising in the scientific and technical domains covered by the Castaing Centre.

The Council meets at least once a year on the initiative of the Director of the Castaing Centre, any of the bodies governing the Castaing Centre, or at least one third of the founding units.
Upon invitation by the chairman, the Council can hear anyone participating in the work of the Castaing Centre or called on in their capacity of expert to speak about any point on the agenda.

The Council examines and gives its opinion on any issue relative to the general organisation or how the Castaing Centre functions, in particular :

  • The provisional budget of the Castaing Centre established by the Director
  • Policy concerning access to the Castaing Centre
  • Policy concerning prices and contract work
  • The activity report established by the Director