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Operational Committee

The Castaing Centre has set up an Operational Committee that is composed as follows :

  • The Director of the Castaing Centre
  • The staff of the Castaing Centre
  • Five members named by the Director of the Castaing Centre

The operational committee, which is chaired by the Director, is an advisory body. The voice of each of the members has the same value, however in the event of an equality of votes, the chairman has the casting vote.

The Operational Committee meets at least 5 times a year on the initiative of the Director or of a third of the members of the Castaing Centre. This body is consulted by the Director on issues of general orientation, budget, organisation, recruitment, training, conditions of work safety and security, ethical rules, the collective rules of discipline, the annual report, and the preparation of the COS.

Upon invitation by the chairman, the Committee can hear anyone participating in the work of the Castaing Centre or called on in their capacity of expert to speak about any point on the agenda.